Wednesday, May 21, 2008

International Music Resources for Recording Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Rappers, and Artist Managers!

For those songwriters, artists, producers, garage band, and artist managers who are looking to take their group/talent/act overseas, I want to highlight a couple of available music business resources that will help you go global with your music! These resources will help you quickly and easily find the international music industry contacts that you need so that you can make money overseas. It's an investment that will reward you when applied and used regularly as you can build business relationships, book shows, get radio airplay, earn royalties, and make other money. So purchase your copies of these books today and start building and earning!

This indispensable directory for music business professionals has been completely updated for 2008, with more than 15,000 U.S. and international contacts in more than 28 categories. These include club talent buyers, college and festival bookers, commercial and college radio programmers, promoters and publicists, film and TV music supervisors, distributors, marketing services, and other essential contacts. Highlights of this 10th edition include more than 800 new performance opportunities, song contests, CD compilation contacts, and e-commerce services.

International Showcase (The Music Business Guide) - -This extensive Music Industry directory (over 750 pages) contains over 10,000 International contacts covering all of the UK, Europe, Middle East South Africa, Australia and Japan covering Concert Services, Venues, Equipment, Recording Services, Recording Studios, Record Labels, Music Publishers, Artists and Media. An ARTISTS INDEX provides management, booking agent and/or recording company contacts for almost 10,400 international performers.

Billboard International Guide - The global reference guide for anyone who books, promotes or manages talent. Over 17,000 listings: artists, agents, managers, promoters, venues, facility equipment manufacturers, sound/lighting, instrument rentals, security, merchandise suppliers, etc. worldwide!

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Friday, April 18, 2008

MySpace Goes Live in Korea

April 16, 2008
By Mark Russell,

A local version of MySpace launched April 15 in South Korea, where social networking services enjoy huge popularity."

MySpace is committed to support this by collaborating with Korea's culture creators and IT talents," said MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe in a statement.

"MySpace will be the one and only platform that provides an opportunity for Korean users to easily meet friends around the globe, surpassing the hindrance of language and culture."

A MySpace Korea spokesperson says the SNS will initially focus on its music and television services.MySpace Korea's April 15 launch party featured performances by local acts that already have MySpace pages, including Crying Nut, Clazziquai, Escola Alegria and Winter Play, as well as several local DJs.

Popular homegrown SNS sites include Daum Café and Cyworld, which launched in 1999 and claims some 20 million members.

Despite the competition, MySpace believes there is room for its service in Korea, citing its 200-million strong global community and its use of open-platform standards.

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MySpace Launches in India!!!!

Now you can network with Indian MySpace users and get your music heard! Check out this article from

MySpace Launches In India April 18, 2008
By Nyay Bhushan, New Delhi

MySpace India, which has been operating since January and now claims half a million users, was officially launched April 17 in Mumbai.

MySpace India has deals with partners such as Kolkata-based label Saregama India and Mumbai-based Star TV India (which like MySpace is owned by News Corp.), enabling it to offer content such as music and TV programs.

"We have entered into a promotion tie-up with MySpace India to first focus on introducing 30 emerging artists as part of our upcoming city-specific 'Underground' compilation albums," Saregama VP Atul Churamani tells, noting that this marks Saregama's first-ever online artist-promotion initiative. "It offers a platform between artists and fans," he says.

Saregama will release the compilations the end of May. Featured artists include upcoming electronica act Jalebee Cartel from New Delhi and acts from Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Meanwhile, MySpace India and Star TV have joined forces to enable online voting for contestants on talent/reality show "Campus Star," currently airing on Channel V, the network's music channel. In addition to popular global brands like Google's Orkut and Facebook, the Indian social networking space has strong domestic players such as, which claims some 1.5 million users, and, with 3.5 million users.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

List of Foreign Music Conferences

If you've read my blog, then you know that I'm a big advocate of attending music conferences, seminars, open mics, and talent showcases. So it should come as no big surprise that I'd also recommend as a third step in addition to buying some of the recommended books, and networking online, that you attend an international music conference.

Here's a list of some of the international music conferences that will help you network, get noticed, expand your music career, and be informed:

1. Winter Music Conference: In its 23rd year, WMC is regarded as the singular networking event in the dance music industry, attracting professionals from over 62 different countries. With its high concentration of top international artists, DJs and industry professionals, WMC permeates the international press and is thereby one of the most publicized events in the business. Every aspect of the industry is represented including the top technological innovators, artists, DJs, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, distributors, audio manufacturers and many more. WMC offers endless opportunities for DJs and artists to network and have their music heard by an international audience of music industry professionals. The Demo Listening Workshops, CD compilation, DJ & performance stages, DJ Spin Off and a host of other performance events, showcases and release parties throughout the week, provide limitless opportunities for innovative DJs and artists to break out of the box. Venues throughout Miami feature a non-stop schedule of nighttime events showcasing legendary artists and DJs from all over the world. WMC also presents the International Dance Music Awards, revered as the premier annual awards event for the dance and electronic music industry. For more information, go to

2. Midem - At this year's conference, Midem was able to put attendees in direct contact with nearly 10,000 music and technology professionals from over 90 different countries. Delegates from the recording, publishing, live, digital, mobile and branding sectors gathered in Cannes to do deals, network, learn and check out new talent. This conference is held in January. For more information, go to

3. SXSW MUSIC AND MEDIA CONFERENCE - The SXSW MUSIC AND MEDIA CONFERENCE showcases hundreds of musical acts from around the globe on over eighty stages in downtown Austin. By day, conference registrants do business in the SXSW Trade Show in the Austin Convention Center and partake of a full agenda of informative, provocative panel discussions featuring hundreds of speakers of international stature. The SXSW INTERACTIVE FESTIVAL celebrates the creativity and passion behind the coolest new media technologies. In addition to panel sessions that cover everything from web design to bootstrapping to social networks, attendees make new business connections at the three-day Trade Show & Exhibition. The newest element of the event is ScreenBurn, which adds specific gaming industry programming as well as a two-day Arcade to the mix. The SXSW FILM CONFERENCE AND FESTIVAL emphasizes all aspects of the art and business of independent filmmaking. The Festival has gained international acclaim for the quality of its programming with a special focus on emerging talents who benefit from having their films in the company of the cinematic greats whose work is regularly presented. SXSW now has offices in Ireland, Germany, Australia and Japan who help bring SXSW registrants to Austin

4. International Folk Alliance Conference - With over 2000 members worldwide and an annual conference that is one of the five largest music conferences in North America, Folk Alliance continues to grow and mature while providing a unique range of member services to the community. Over the years, Folk Alliance has grown to include record companies, publishers, presenters, agents, managers, music support services, manufacturers and artists that work in the folk world. Folk Alliance has six regional affiliates that provide the grass roots efforts in their respective markets. For more information, go to

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Global online music marketing

If you want to go global with your music and don't know where to start, let me help you. First, you should purchase the books I mentioned in my previous blog and in the sidebar of this blog: they are going to go more in depth on what to do.

Second, let's network online. Wikipedia has a list of social networking sites. Wikipedia's list details who the site is opened to, what country(ies) are primarily represented on the site, the number of registered users, the focus of the website (i.e. music, investing, video sharing, etc.) and the links to the sites. I'd suggest joining as many as you can that are outside the United States if you want to go overseas and vice versa for those wanting to network with people from the United States. Here's the link to Wikipedia's list of social networking sites. If you find some social networking sites on that list that you really like or don't like, please come back to this blog and comment so that other readers will know. Thanks!

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Recommended Books on Global Music Marketing

In my blog I gave my readers over 30 places to network in the United States. If you are a recording artist, singer, songwriter, producer, garage band, or music executive who lives outside the United States and would like to expand your music business to the United States music market, I recommend reading that post and my other posts on networking at

If you reside in the U.S., keep reading! Just like artists from other countries have been successful in reaching the U.S. music market (artists such as Amy Winehouse, Natasha Bedingfield and Leona Lewis), U.S. artists can expand their music business to the international/global market and increase their sales by going global!

I have searched and found some of the best books on the international/global music business. These books on global music marketing, the global music industry, global music industry contacts, etc. will help you take your music to THE next level: international! These books are essentials for going global with your music so get your copy of these books today!

For example, I personally own This Business of Global Music Marketing: Global Strategies for Maximizing Your Music's Popularity and Profits (This Business of).

I purchased This Business of Global Music Marketing: Global Strategies for Maximizing Your Music's Popularity and Profits (This Business of)hoping to get more understanding of how to expand my music's reach to the global and international music market and industry. This Business of Global Music Marketing offers the solution on how to do it. Here's a synopsis of the book, provided by

in Worldwide tours, Internet downloads, international album distribution--the global market for music is expanding with lightning speed, and that means big opportunities for everyone in the music business. The main obstacle? Lack of knowledge. The world market is packed with opportunity, but it’s also full of
cultural, regulatory, administrative, legal, political, and logistical pitfalls. This Business of™ Global Music Marketing offers a map of the world, with full information on how to break into the global market, how to distribute records abroad, how to find an audience, how to package records to appeal to local markets, how to establish partnerships with foreign businesses, how to deal with different rules of trade, and much more. A companion volume to author Tad Lathrop’s top-selling This Business of™ Music Marketing and Promotion, This
Business of™ Global Music Marketing offers everyone in the music business a chance to go global.

So you can see for yourself that This Business of Global Music Marketing: Global Strategies for Maximizing Your Music's Popularity and Profits (This Business of) will help you expand your music's reach to the international music market! A single CD sale in the international market will cover the cost of this book! Yet, imagine the possibility of your music sales increasing! Imagine getting international exposure! Imagine getting international air play! As indicated by its five and four-star rating, this book is well worth the investment!

I recommend combining This Business of Global Music Marketing with the other recommended books on the global music market that I've suggested in the sidebar of this blog. All of the books I recommend are located in the sidebar of this blog. Each book was hand selected. I hope you enjoy them and come back and comment on them.

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Keri Hilson's first song went global!

In my list of upcoming music conferences and events at, I mentioned BMI's The Art of Songwriting seminar held on April 2, 2008 at Emory University. The featured speakers and guest panelists at the BMI Art of Songwriting seminar was The Clutch. Keri Hilson is a member of The Clutch and a successful songwriter on her own who has written over 200 songs and wrote hits for many, many artists. (Read Keri Hilson's biography and discography here)

During that seminar, Keri Hilson said that her first song placement was with an Asian artist who didn't speak any English. This Japanese artist had no other English songs on her album but Keri's. On the credits, all of the language was in Japanese except for Keri Hilson's name, which was in English. How did Keri Hilson get her first placement with an Asian artist who didn't any speak? Somebody thought outside of the box and thought global!!!!!!!!!! Keri Hilson got her big break by working with producers who were currently getting placements and working with artists from other countries. So think outside the box and network globally! Keri Hilson and her producer did and she got her first placement. And the rest, as they say, is history!

In my next posts, I'm going to discuss how to network globally so keep reading!!!!!!

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